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Summer is coming up soon even if the weather isn't cooperating! School is also out and your wondering how you are going to keep your sanity this summer? Sign them up for a Camp or workshop at Bless this Mess Homestead! Whether your looking for your child to enjoy somet...


Spring weather is finally starting to show and I'm so excited! I felt this winter just drug on and on, I had  bad case of the winter blues this year, blech! Kidding season is in full swing and we've been blessed with healthy kids and easy deliveries. 

We've been wo...


I don't know about you but I just love to read! I love reading to my children and others as well.  So over the Summer and Fall here at Bless this Mess we will be hosting Story Time! 

Come on out to Bless this Mess Homestead for Story Time! Story time books are gear...


Spring is coming no matter what Winter may be saying right now and I can't wait! Baby goats, playing in the dirt, prepping the gardening, baby goats, new chicks, spring planting, piglets, baby goats... Did I mention baby goats!  We would love to invite you and yours ou...


It's easily seen that I love kids. From the time I could carry around another child I would. Children bring me such joy. I would beg to babysit any little one I could just to spend time with them. I was an only child so being around other children wasn't possible in my...


School's out for summer! Not just the Alice Cooper song but here at Bless this Mess Homestead. Our Spring here in Northwest, Ohio has been crazy! We had a hard freeze in the middle of May and a lot with unseasonably cold weather. Then to top it off we receive...


Sundays in my opinion is the best day of the week. Family time, church and relax. We do our morning chores and right now we still have nursing kids so I get the day off of milking, SCORE. We all get around for church, luckily all three of my children look forward and l...


 Here at Bless this Mess Homestead we've been milk stand training 2 Nigerian Dwarf does. Up on the stand is Bless this Mess Homestead Padme. She was a first freshener on Feb 21st. She's um... what's the word i'm looking for, pain in the... STUBBORN, she's stubborn. For...


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Gardening can be back breaking, blistering hard work, but the bounty is so worth it! Think of all the yummy fresh produce you will have. Luckily there are tools out there that c...


I don't know about you but with April here in just a few short days I'm getting excited to start in my gardens! We've got the ground ready in the vegetable garden and i'm biting at the bit to get in there! Here in Northwest Ohio I'm in planting Zone 6A. I've started se...

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Upcoming Camps and Workshops at Bless this Mess

April 30, 2019

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