Hello there! I'm Danielle and I'm a farm addict! I struggle with chicken and goat math. You know how 1 animal turns into 10, the struggle is real!

My Husband and I have been on our family homestead in the flattest part of this the world, Northwest Ohio, for a few years. We live on around 13 acres but most is shaded.  We've been working towards being more self-sufficient. We have 3 beautiful, crazy, chaotic children. My oldest son, Smarty Pants, is just that: very bright, well behaved, people pleasing, pleasant young man with a heart of gold. He's always ready to learn something new (11). My daughter, Red, on the other hand is a sassy, redheaded firecracker with an attitude, who unfortunately is just like her mother. She has a love for animals thats like no other. Nothing makes her day better if she gets to cuddle something cute and fuzzy (8). Then there's my youngest son, Tornado, who is my handful. He gets into everything, then destroys it. But he's always making everyone laugh and has a cuteness that somehow diverts the mind from wanting to kill him. But she also is the first one to help out on the homestead. (5)

We raise pasture range heritage chickens for fresh eggs, meat and poo for our gardens. We also raise NDGA registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We milk (pray for my sanity haha) and use their milk for many things around the homestead. We hve heritage breed turkeys, califirnia rabbits, guinea fowl and ducks. There are more critters I always find and bring home for my next challenge. The Hubby is always so thrilled when I have a new "project" (insert sarcastic tone) that I drag him into.  

We have around 5,000sqft of gardens or what i like to call "Garden of Weedin" where we grow our own produce that is all GMO free, mostly heirloom and organic. 

I love to sew, craft, do DIY projects and have fun making messes with the kids. I also am the children/youth coordinator at our church, which I love to talk and teach about Jesus.

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