Frugal Fun with Kids for Summer!

March 22, 2017

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Well here in Northwest Ohio, you know the flattest part of this earth, it's Spring Break. Well spring break week always makes me think "how in the world will i do this all summer! AHHHH". So I start planning now of how to save my sanity AND still get my work done. So a few years ago a good friend told me about her Summer Time Fun Schedule. At first I'm thinking I don't have time for that everyday, I have a homestead. But once I decided to try a couple weeks of it I realized real quick that DING DING DING this is my life saver! Not only am I able to be my work done but my kids actually do their chores without a fuss, there's less crying and whining and we are ALL happy! So I feel every parent or caregivier out there needs to know this! 


There's many ways to go about making a Summer Time Fun Schedule. I'll let you in on my secrets but please work it to how it fits with your family. So Smarty Pants, 9year old son, Red 6 year old daughter and Tornado, 3 year old son give me some ideas of what they'd like to do and where they'd like to go. I run with that to find THEMES. I have theme weeks. So each week has a new theme and everything we do that week is based on that theme. We also watch movies and read books that are based around our theme. USE YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY FOR THIS! The weekly schedule looks like this in our home: 


Make it Monday

We will make a craft that goes along with the theme.


Thinking Tuesday

We will do either a STEM project or science experiment.


Water Wednesday

So fun, the kids either play in the pool, sprinkler or we go to our local Aquatic park. If it happens to be not fit for water fun outside, we do waterpainting indoors. 


Take a Trip Thursday

Our favorite day! We load up and go somewhere that goes along with our theme. It might be a trip in town to a park or a day trip out of town. We LOVE zoos and museums!


Friendly Friday

This is our day to do something nice for either a person or our community or the kids have friends over for a play date. 


Now you can change the kinds of day, swap them around or add the weekend. Luckily my Hubby can make his own hours so he does participate in the take a trip day. This schedule is easily to incorperate into your daily schedule.


Here at Bless this Mess Homestead we do most of our chores in the morning and evening so the afternoons are when we do what the kids have called  "Daily Fun time". I can't believe how they fly threw their chores and help me with mine to get to the Daily Fun Time quicker.


Now where do you start? I schedule out the whole summer. Now I don't know why I do this as planning never works well here but I try every year. So I schedule the weeks out based around the Take a Trip Thursday. I pick a place to where we would like to go. It could be just in town to what my kids call "dinosaur park", a trip to grandmas, a trip to our local Zoo ( about 45 mins from us), or a whole day trip to our favorite children's museums. 


Once I've decided where we are going that week I then start thinking about a theme that goes along with the trip. Say we go to the Zoo then obviously we could have a Zoo Theme. Some times you have to be a little more creative on making a theme. I use vacations in here too if we happen to take any. 


Then comes time to get creative, Pinterest really helps here! Picking what you're doing for Make it Monday and Thinking Tuesday. Make sure you plan ahead and have everything you need before the week starts. It's a catastrophe if you don't have all the ingredients for these days. 


Water Wednesday is pretty explainatory. I try to change it up each week. One week we will get the pools out then the following weeks we will either do sprinklers, slip in slides or take a trip to our local aquatic park ( Camp Clay which is awesome). We've gotten pretty lucky weather wise but occasionally it will be gross out, at that point we "WATER" paint with watercolors and paint paper. I always make sure to have several on hand for each kid.


















Then for Friendly Friday make sure you plan ahead for this. Whether it's scheduling a play date or taking cookies to the police department, call the week before to make sure it will work with them.


Here's a sample of a Summer Fun Weekly Schedule at Bless this Mess Homestead:


Theme: Outer Space



Make it Monday

 Build way cool Finger Flinger Rockets



 Items Needed:

  • A pool noodle – get the smallest diameter that you can find.  We bought ours at Dollar Tree.

  • A serrated kitchen knife – for cutting the pool noodle.

  • Duct tape

  • Rubber bands – small and large

  • Scissors

  • A crochet hook

  • Craft foam

  • Hot glue gun

  • A large nail

  • Tutorial from Frugal Fun 4 boys



Thinking Tuesday

STEM Marshmellow Constellations


Items Needed:


  • mini-marshmellows

  • tooth picks

  • ziplock bag

  • black paper

  • food coloring

  • Tutorial from Schooling a monkey


Water Wednesday

Slip and Slide Fun! We have this awesome Slip and Slide that has 3 lanes for all my crazy kids. But it's never over til Mom has gone down too. Hewie the duck is usually involved as well.

















Take a Trip Thursday

Armstrong Air and Space Museum

 Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio! This is about 35 minutes from our house. This place is great for kids and adults!


Friendly Friday

We are inviting another family over for a play date that have kids the same age as mine. Do what works for your family. With my rowdy bunch each kid requires a friend when we do play dates. As does Mom haha!




So talk with your kids and see what they want to learn about this summer and look at your budget too. There's millions of ideas! Look in your area for free resources and places to take trips.



Theme Ideas:


Animals    Camping    Community helpers    Cooking     Dance     Dinosaurs    Explorer   Fairy tales    Games    Lego  

 Inventor    Movie    Music   Ocean   Olympics    Pirates    Royalty   Stars and Stripes    Spy     Water     



So now that your creative juices are flowing, get that Summer Fun Time Schedule started!

Enjoy the Planning!             









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