Milking a Nigerian Dwarf goat with an Electric Medela Breast Pump

April 6, 2017

 Here at Bless this Mess Homestead we've been milk stand training 2 Nigerian Dwarf does. Up on the stand is Bless this Mess Homestead Padme. She was a first freshener on Feb 21st. She's um... what's the word i'm looking for, pain in the... STUBBORN, she's stubborn. For several days it took hobbles, the Hubby and more patience than I have to get her to let me milk her. Luckily, knock on wood, she's been much better. She doesn't like the hobbles obviously so we have an agreement, she doesn't kick me or the bucket and she can go without hobbles. She still requires an extra soothing hand which works great. 


I've been wondering for some time if I could milk my does with my old electric Medela breast pump. So last week I pulled it out of retirement and tested it out. Sure enough it works! Now Padme who's on the stand in the video has a decent utter and produces almost 1 quart of milk every morning, so I don't use the pump on her much. But my doe Dinah who has been freshened 3 times, she has small teats and for me is difficult to milk. So the breast pump is really useful to get her started. 


It's been an interesting experience milking goats, but the bounty is wonderful! It sure has been a try and fail so try again time. I have found that my does like hymns. Padme likes "Victory in Jesus". As I'm milking them I sing and they calm down and let me milk and it helps to keep me calm as well and not wanting to send them to the butcher shop. I'm not sure if they like my singing or they just know that if they let me milk quickly then they don't have to listen to me anymore haha!


Smarty Pants, Red and Tornado (my 3 kids) all agree that fresh raw goats milk is much better than store bought processed cow's milk. that's called a Win-Win, ding, ding, ding for this mama! So keep an eye out for some tutorials and recipes!




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