Our Next Adventure.... Homesteading Camp!

September 21, 2017

It's easily seen that I love kids. From the time I could carry around another child I would. Children bring me such joy. I would beg to babysit any little one I could just to spend time with them. I was an only child so being around other children wasn't possible in my home. I was as all mother's say "a little mother hen". I knew the greatest thing in my life that I could accomplish was to be a mother, there's no better title than that. So even after 3 children of my own I still want to be around kids. So 4 year's ago I took a position within my church as the Children's Department Coordinator. I just love to teach kids about Jesus and His love for us. My department has grown and I see new faces almost weekly. I just love to share my passion for Jesus with children. Parent's say I have the quality and personality to work with kids, well I say I just haven't grown up yet and just like to play with kids my own mental age haha. 



Well this got me thinking about another passion of mine and that's homesteading. So this past Summer we hosted a few Homesteading for Kids classes. They were 2 days of hands on learning fun. We learned about livestock. Every child was able to milk a dairy goat, make homemade butter, collect and clean eggs and give animals love and attention. We also learned about gardening. Each child learned how to harvest and process green beans, pull weeds and make homemade bread. We did activities to help them retain what we were discussing and just had a fun time together. We had 32 children attend these classes and from the feed back from the kids and their parents it was fun for everyone. We also have another class for homeschoolers next week but this will be a 4 day class which I'm super excited for!




We enjoyed these classes enough that we now want to expand them! So coming up in the Summer of 2018 we will be offering Homesteading Camp! This camp will be 5 days long Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. This will as well be a hands on learning adventure! Each child will be paired with their "own adopted" animal to tend to for the whole week. After that week is through the child will receive updates about "their" animal here on the homestead as well as a picture. Also each child will plant their own pumpkin plant and come back in October for a fall festival and harvest a pumpkin from their plant. Children will also receive updates with pictures of their plant. Each day has a theme and all activities and discussions go along with that theme. Children will learn and be responsible for animal chores each morning with will include: milking the dairy goats, collecting eggs, feeding and watering animals, brushing, and cleaning of their area. The last day will be preparing for our Farm-to-Table Lunch.  This day the children will prepare a lunch from garden to table for their family. Families are invited to come eat the lunch that has been prepared then participate in some "Barnyard Olympic Games" with your child. Then your child has the opportunity to show you their "animal" and their plant as well as other fun things on the Homestead. Below is a tentative schedule of what the week will look like:


Day 1- Livestock

9-10am- meet and greet with a morning activity, go over rules and expectations and barnyard yoga

10-11:30am- Animal Chores

11:30-12:00pm- meet their "adopted" animal and learn to care for it

12-12:30pm- Lunch in the Woods (packed lunches brought from home)

12:30-1pm- clean eggs

1-2pm- Team Building activities and making butter

2-2:45pm- discussion on raising livestock

2:45-3pm- clean up and dismissal


Day 2- Gardening

9-9:30am- morning activity and barnyard yoga

9:30-11am- Animal Chores and personal time with their animal

11-12:30pm- learning about gardening, planting their pumpkin plants and varies other seeds and pulling weeds

12:30-1pm- Lunch in the woods ( packed lunch brought from home)

1-2pm Team building games

2-2:45pm- discussion on gardening

2:45-3pm- clean up and dismissal


Day 3- Harvesting

9-9:30am- morning activity and barnyard yoga

9:30-11am- Animal Chores and personal time with their animal

11-12:30pm- Harvesting and processing from the garden

12:30-1pm- Lunch in the woods (packed lunch sent from home)

1-2pm- Team building games

2-2:45pm- discussion on harvesting and processing

2:45-3pm- clean up and dismissal


Day 4- Vintage Skills

9-9:30am- morning activity and barnyard yoga

9:30-11am- Animal Chores and personal time with their animal

11-12:30pm- learn to hand sew (tote bag) and candle dipping

12:30-1pm- Lunch in the woods (packed lunch sent from home)

1-2pm- Team building games

2-2:45pm- discussion on Vintage Skills

2:45-3pm- clean up and dismissal


Day 5- Farm to Table

9-9:30am- morning activity and barnyard yoga

9:30-10:30am- Animal Chores

10:30-12:30 preparing for our Farm to Table Lunch

12:30-1:30-Lunch with our families

1:30-2:30pm- Barnyard Olympics with families

2:30-3pm- Take families on a tour and to show their "animal" and plants


As of now we will have 2 camps with ages groups cost for both camps are $100 per child plus a $25 non-refundable deposit due at time of registration. 

Little Homesteaders ages 6-9 June 25th-29th 2018

Homesteader's Adventure ages 10-14 July 23rd-27th 2018


We will also have a 1 day Homestead Camp for ages 3-5 "Little Sprouts" July 2nd 9AM-1PM

Cost $20 per child plus a $5 non-refundable deposit due at time of registration, which will include:

  • Pick your "adopted" animal

  • Plant your own pumpkin plant

  • play with the goats

  • Harvest and process green beans

  • Fun games

  • Packed Lunch in the Woods

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt 


We will also we taking applications for Junior Counselors. This program is for teenagers ages 15-18. These teens must be able to commit to a whole week class, no exceptions. Jr Counselors will be responsible for helping set up, run and clean up each day. They also will be assigned a small group of children to lead throughout the day. Jr Counselors must be confident around farm animals and like to work with younger chidren. This volunteer program will be a great community service project needed for college and scholarship applications. We will need 2 to 4 Jr Counselers per week camp. There will be a training and orientation day prior to your week of camp. Jr Counselors hours are 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. There will be a Jr Counselor appreciation night towards the end of Summer to show our appreciation for their commitment.  Jr Counselors applications will be accepted from November- February and interviews will be set up in March.


Pre-registration is required for all classes as there is a limit of 18. children per class. Now if we have an age group filled we may open another week. Registration for the camps will run from February 1st- May 1st or until filled.  There will be a required nonrefundable $25 per child for school aged children and $5 per child on the preschooler deposit in order to reserve your child's place. The remaining balance can be paid the first day of camp. If you must cancel please give ample amount of notice so I can offer your spot to another child. 


We are very excited to work with your children in the Summer of 2018! 















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