Meet our animals

Max- our lovable guard dog. He protects his humans, animals and property well. He loves belly rubs, table scraps and to scare the UPS man. 

Bless this Mess Leia- this sweet girl is very loving and loves to explore. She won Grand Champion Dairy Female at the Van Wert County Fair 2018.

Dam: Straight Way Dinah
Sire: Straight Way Grover

Straight way Dinah-

this mama is a wonderful goat. She's a gentle sweetie and loves to be scratched behind her ears.

Bless this Mess Rey- She is a playful beauty born 3/5/18. She won Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Female in the Van Wert County Fair 2018.

Dam: Bless this Mess Padme

Sire: Straight Way Grover

Bless this mess padme-She is an amazingly friendly goat as she will allow anyone to milk her. She loves to unzip coats and chew on the pulls.

Gruff- this boy here is how we got started with goats, as he was a rescue. He is hilarious, playful and so lovable. He loves attention and his humans.

Straight Away Grover-  

this handsome stud is our herdsire. He gets to have all the fun. He's a stinky, orney, ear scratching lover, who makes beautiful kids.

Bonnie- This adorable girl is a Tennessee Fainting goat she loves to nuzzle and love on her people. She also is good friends with the chickens.

Straight Way Farm

Big red- This beyond cute little guy is our future herd sire. He is very spoiled and loves to be held and gives kisses.

Bless this Mess Bucky- Our handsome New Herd Sire. He will give us some amazing kids in the future.

Dam: Bless this Mess Leia

Sire: Straight Way Grover

Ducks--  We have Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner. They are meal-worm addicts. Amazing buggers too!

Egg Laying Chickens-          we have an array of layers:black astrolorps,RIR,brown andwhite leghorns, bared rocks, buff orpingtons, turkins, americanas and golden buffs.

Standard Heritage Bronze Turkeys

We have 3 beautiful turkeys. 1 handsome tom named Tom and 2 hens, Nosey Nellie and Fancy Nancy. Extrememly friendly and loveable 

Guinea fowl

we have a some beautifully feathered guineas as well.